PhD Program in Fermentation Based Biomanufacturing

The PhD program within the Fermentation Based Biomanufacturing initiative provides a common framework for collaborative PhD projects that have integrated bioprocess science and engineering as overall theme. An essential aspect of these projects is that they integrate cell-factory engineering with bioreactor engineering.
The PhD students are supervised jointly, with a lead supervisor either from CFB, DTU Chemical Engineering or DTU Bioengineering, and a co-supervisor from at least one of the other two departments.
The candidates are trained in state of the art bioprocess engineering, e.g., the combination of cell factory design and physiology with advanced fermentation design, up-scaling and control, and down-stream processing. 

The FBM PhD-students are also members of the PhD-school in the department of their main supervisor. To accomplish the FBM PhD, the requirements of the PhD program the respective PhD school have to be fulfilled. The PhD schools inform about other elements of the PhD education, as well as about the administrative processes. 

Every FBM PhD student has to carry out an independent scientific research project, including a written dissertation and a public defense. Besides that, every PhD student at DTU has to participate in educational offers (30 ECTS) and engage in teaching activities (approximately three months). Furthermore, an external research stay is required to complete a PhD at DTU. Additional FBM requirements are, e.g. the annual evaluation with future milestone setting with the supervisor team, and attendance (and presentation) at one international conference per year. 

The FBM PhD program is in the starting phase and specialized courses are under development.
Currently, FBM PhD students are expected to participate in the FBM PhD Introductory week and the FBM PhD Presentations. Further offers within the FBM PhD program are e.g. industry excursions and social gatherings. The members of the PhD program benefit from being part of a network with fellow PhD students and experts from the interdisciplinary area of FBM.

At present, there are 16 FBM PhD students in the program, and there will be new positions available every year, which will be announced on the DTU vacanices website.


FBM Courses, Events, etc.

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Friederike Buchholz
Joint Program Manager
DTU Bioengineering
+45 93 51 89 33