Master study line Fermentation Based Biomanufacturing

This integrated study line in Fermentation Based Biomanufacturing was developed towards industry demands: Fermentation experts are needed that have a combined education providing biotechnological competences such as molecular biology, microbiology, and cell factory engineering, with competences in chemical process engineering, such as reactor design, unit operations, and dimensioning, including mathematical modeling.

Traditionallly, this is taught separately, the biotic part within the biotechnology education, the abiotic part within the chemical engineering education.
However, for becoming a fermentation expert, knowledge of both, biotic and abioic factors, is required.

The Fermentation Based Biomanufacturing Master study line provides the opportunity to specialize in biomanufactuing within the MSc Biotechnology (Biotech) or the MSc Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (CBE). It offers a unifying structure to support the specialization and provides close contact and interaction with the industry already during the studies.

For this Master study line, several new courses have been developed or are currently under development:

These courses are the backbone of the FBM Master study line and mandatory for all students. The study program contains an additional set of mandatory courses specific for each Master program (Biotech or CBE), electives, and the Thesis.

Download a pdf of the Study Program.

Overview - Study program of the FBM Master study line for students in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (CBE)  and Biotechnology 

For more detailed information on the Fermentation Based Biomanufacturing study line and the curricula of the Master programs, please visit the websites of the Master of Biotechnology and the Master of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, or contact the respective head of studies.


Head of Studies MSc. Biotech

Mogens Kilstrup
Associate Professor
DTU Bioengineering
+45 45 25 25 28

Head of Studies MSc. CBE

Stig Wedel
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 29 48