About the FBM Initiative

Stimulated by the biotech industry's growing demand for fermentation experts, the Fermentation Based Biomanufacturing Initiative was founded to provide tailor-made academic education in FBM for Master-students, PhD-students and Continued Education for professionals. The key elements of fermentation, i.e., bioprocess engineering and cell-factory engineering, are combined in the integrated education programs of the FBM Initiative.

The FBM education is based on cutting-edge research, covering all aspects of fermentation, e.g. fundamental physiology of production organisms, synthetic biology and metabolic engineering, scale-up process technology, and downstream processing. Embedded in the Copenhagen area, one of the world's strongest biotech and pharma clusters, the FBM Initiative offers a unique and internationally leading education and research environment that provides exceptional conditions for all learners.

MISSION: To develop and deliver world-class research-based education in biomanufacturing, tailor-made towards the needs of the Danish and international fermentation industry.
The FBM education covers all stages of industrial research and development – from discovery and selection of target molecules in micro- and lab-scale, to proof of concept in the pilot facility, and full-scale production with our partners in the industry. The hands-on training in the fermentation labs runs on equipment that is commonly used in the industry, to ensure the applicability of the acquired knowledge.

The graduates of the Fermentation Based Biomanufacturing Master- and PhD- programs are equipped with a comprehensive set of skills, combining theoretical and experimental knowledge in cell factory engineering and bioprocess engineering, which is in high demand by industrial employers. During the course of the studies, networking events and practice visits provide opportunities to facilitate the entry into a career within the industry.

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We are constantly expanding our network of industry partners. If you are interested to collaborate in research or education in fermentation based biomanufacturing, please get in touch.


FBM and industry

To ensure that the education within FBM meets the demands of the fermentation industry, it is developed and optimized in close dialogue with industry partners. Our industry partners are mainly biotech companies with a substantial part of their production relying on fermentation-based processes.

Within the FBM-education, there are several opportunities to get in contact with industry representatives, e.g during a practice course in the FBM Master study line directly with one of the industry partners, in dialogue meetings, company visits, or at one of the regular networking events.


The FBM Initiative is governed by a Steering Committee which ensures that all research and education activities are coordinated across the three departments. 

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The FBM Advisory Board with biomanufacturing experts from international companies, ensures that research activities and educations are in line with industry needs and meet the highest international standards.