Continuing Education

FBM Continuing Education is part of  the Biotech Lifelong Learning Program at DTU.

In the Biotech Lifelong Learning Program, we provide professional development courses for biotech professionals, especially targeting the biomanufacturing area. The courses are mainly targeted at industry professionals, e.g. individuals working in the biomanufacturing industry, wishing to strengthen their professional skills, or for keeping up with new developments, but employees in academia or public institutions have participate regularly in our courses.

The Biotech Lifelong Learning Program is developed in the framework of the Fermentation Based Biomanufacturing Initiative and the AIM-Bio project in a collaboration of DTU Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, and Biosustain. The Golden Leaf Biomanufacturing and Training Center (BTEC) at the North Carolina State University is an external collaboration partner in the AIM-Bio project.

For more information on the courses and registration, please visit Biotech Lifelong Learning.

The Biotech Lifelong Learning Handbook for 2023 can be downloaded here.

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Seungmi Nam
DTU Bioengineering
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Continuing Education Courses

The following courses are contributed in the framework of the FBM Initiative.
For more information and registration, please visit DTU Biotech Lifelong Learning 


5-7 March 2024

11-13 June 2024

26-28 August 2024

27-31 May - PhD Course

6-8 MAy | 20-22 August -  PhD Course

customized training 

We develop customized courses for and with industry clients or partners.

In case you have a need for customized training in fermentation based biomanufacturing and related areas:

Please Contact
Jennifer Hemphill
Industry Liaison officer
DTU Bioengineering